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Сложились обстоятельства, при которых я вынужден выставить на продажу квартиру в которой прошла моя юность. До этого мы семьей жили в…
these photographs are exquisite, bordering on pop art or art deco.. here is an idea : if you number the photos beside each one, then it is easier to respond to a specific image to make a comment. for instance..

the colour in the first and last photo intrigues me and so does the mirror affect of the shift of colours from the top down into the water. this is high contrast colour and excites the senses. i want to do a painting of this!

also : in no 10 i like the yellow orbs that suggest the moon or moons, while the reflections suggest the lilypads. this kind of photograph transforms me and transports me to another place in my imagination.

thank you for sharing

i love these surprises!
; )